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At Firebrand Central, we are independent journalists who know that the ‘mainstream media’ has moved away from editorial independence. The existence of independent media is more crucial to public interests than ever.

Starting in 2011, this site was built on the idea of courageous journalism and true editorial independence. It was brought about as a platform of the Fourth Estate.

We are about independent media

The corporate agenda has corrupted our media as well as many of our government officials. We present news and we look to inform the public with information not often covered in the mainstream media. We are about seeking the truth for the public and it is our duty, as believers in the “Free Press,” to uphold what the Framers of the Constitution deliberately established as the press’s role to be a ‘check and balance’ for the people.

Independent media that’s about supporting small business

We support small business in the U.S., since the improvement and expansion of theĀ  working class will bring significant growth to our U.S. Economy.

We encourage all of our website views to participate in our blogs, videos, and much more!! Make your voice heard. Please be respectful, no threats, and no disclosures of personal information, when leaving or replying to comments, articles, or blogs. Moving forward, we look towards massive growth, and creating a strong platform for those who believe in progressive values, and understand the importance of participation and expression. We look to successfully evolve with current affairs, as well as advocate a growing culture and society.

This is more than a news website; It’s about having an online community that looks to unite all of us who seek truth, to defend democracy, social justice, freedom, and to bring back the American Dream, by understanding our constitutional rights, opposing any form of tyrannical governing, through the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, the wisdom of the Federalist Papers, and the foundation of the U.S. Constitution. Real progress can only be made through the participation of the people, and the courage of those who are willing to make a difference, by evoking the perspective of Americans and empowering them with truth, rather than poisoning American minds and bodies, through propaganda that is dividing our country.

Please join us on our journey and be amazed to see, The true “Power of the People.” This is about independent media for the People. We appreciate your time and thank you for visiting.