Clementa Pinckney, Senator in SC, Killed in Hate Crime

By | June 18, 2015

Clementa Pinckney

SC State Senator Clementa Pinckney killed in church shooting, called a hate crime

PressTV reported that South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney was killed in a church shooting, in Charleston, where nine people were killed.

The 41-year-old Clementa Pinckney was pastor of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Pinckney’s sister was also among the people who were shot and killed.

The suspect who is reported to be a young white man has not been apprehended.

Here’s a photo released by the Charleston Police:

Clementa Pinckney

According to PressTV, “Charleston Police Chief Gregory Mullen said the incident is a hate crime.”

Pinckney was first elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives in 1997. He has served in the State Senate since 2000.

He was the youngest African-American elected to the legislature. He was first appointed to be a pastor at 18.

The slain senator was among those who protested against the police shooting death of unarmed black man Walter Scott.

White North Charleston police officer Michael Slager killed Scott in April, sparking racial tensions in the Charleston region.