Eric Frein: The Manhunt Continues

By | September 25, 2014

Eric Frein

Law enforcement still not able to find cop killer and FBI’s second most wanted Eric Frein

On September 12th, survivalist and sharpshooter Eric Matthew Frein shot two Pennsylvania State troopers, killing one officer and injuring another.

Due to the shooting, Frein made No.2 on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list. Frein surpassed at least two people on the top 10 list who allegedly raped and murdered children (two at the age of 5, 10, and 14).

It’s been almost two weeks and as many as 400 law enforcement officials, federal, state, and local, along with military officials, have been unsuccessful in capturing or killing Eric Matthew Frein.

Eric Frein

Major resources and equipment being used in hunt for Eric Frein

Hunt for Eric Frein has many residents trapped in or displaced from their homes

Residents in Canadesis, PA are becoming angry with police because residents have been denied access to their homes or the right to exit their homes for work, school, etc..

According to the NY Daily News,

Many residents of Canadensis, a village in eastern Pennsylvania, are fed up with the unexpected and indefinite roadblocks during the manhunt for the self-taught survivalist.

Some locals have started sleeping in their cars because they cannot return to home. Their neighborhoods have been cordoned off.

Joshua Prince, an attorney, is seeking residents affected by the police manhunt and claims that he’s been contacted by residents who believe their constitutional rights were violated by police. According to Lehigh Valley Live, “In one case, according to Prince, residents in a Monroe County home had to leave behind their three dogs after police ordered them out Sunday. The residents have not been allowed to return to care for their dogs since, he said.” Prince says about his firm that “we are looking out for those individuals who have no relation to the shooter and whose lives have been turned upside down by the Pennsylvania State Police and the FBI.” In regards to law enforcement, Prince stated that “their job is to uphold the Constitution, not to violate innocent people’s lives.”

The law office posted its efforts to seek residents wrongly affected by the manhunt on its website.

One couple claims pursuit of Eric Frein almost cost them their lives

On Sunday, a New York couple that was picked up at the Pocono Medical Center ER, temporarily staying at the Paradise Stream resort, claimed that the police ran them off the road in pursuit of Frein and totaled their vehicle, nearly killing the husband and wife. The husband said,”The police ran us off of the road and almost killed us. They had no regard for our lives. Only to catch Frein, that’s all that mattered.”

Manhunt likely to be considered a misguided manhunt if Eric Frein not apprehended soon

The search for Eric Frein has brought about hundreds of law enforcement officials, helicopters, and other high-tech search apparatus such as a critical incident vehicle called the rook. If the hunt of Frein continues, the exhaustion of state resources will be inevitable along with public support in capturing one man. With the focus on several counties and townships by local, state, and federal officials in the manhunt of Eric Matthew Frein, the FBI’s No.2 most wanted must be taken in or there’s a great likelihood that the widespread search and public inconvenience will find much of the public classifying the effort as a misguided manhunt, and a desperate and feverish attempt to gain retribution for fellow law enforcement officers.

For Eric Frein, it will be a small but potentially temporary victory.