Eric Frein: The Unheralded ‘Terrorist’

By | January 12, 2015


Accused cop killer and terrorist Eric Frein and the many unanswered questions regarding his case

Accused Pennsylvania state trooper killer Eric Matthew Frein, 31, appeared in a Pike County courtroom last Monday. The Judge ordered that Frein stand trial on the charges for first degree murder and other charges such as terrorism.

Eric Frein was No. 2 on the FBI’s Most Wanted List during the time law enforcement conducted a 48-day manhunt for Frein prior to his apprehension by U.S. Marshals.

Frein is identified as a survivalist and a revolutionary who describes the assassination as a means to “wake people up.”

For such a significant and high profile case as the upcoming Eric Frein Trial, it all begs many questions as to why the fatal shooting of one Pennsylvania state trooper and the wounding of another is barely being covered by the mainstream press with any zeal for in-depth reporting and inquiry.

For a man who was as close to being the most wanted man by the FBI as you can get, who’s being charged with first degree murder of a police officer along with terrorism, it could be considered an anomaly for the mainstream press and media not to give this case more publicity.

If Frein has earned the legal definition of a terrorist and the court finds him guilty of terrorism, it would put Frein in the company of domestic terrorists such as U.S. military veteran and white supremacist Timothy McVeigh, the 1995 Oklahoma City bomber. With that being said, why isn’t Eric Frein in the national spotlight?

A second question: Will Eric Frein be interviewed to discuss his side of story so the public can better understand the mindset of the accused terrorist and cop killer, even after the future trial? Not only would an interview of this magnitude be of public interest but it may shed light onto some of the ills in today’s society that may have helped produce the extreme radicalism emanating from characters such as Eric Frein.

Finally, will the public ever be told the whole truth of what happened and why on that September 12th, 2014, by public officials and the mainstream media? There have been many rumors circulating as to what sparked the shooting but no specifics have been confirmed.

When it comes to alleged domestic terrorism, the public has every right to know what they may be facing in the future.

It’s imperative that the truth is told and it must be told; that’s why the public must  and has the right to know about Eric Frein.