Innocent Man Smeared in Dallas Police Shooting

By | July 22, 2016
Dallas Police Shooting

Mark Hughes is a Texas resident who was falsely identified as the shooter who killed three officers in Dallas. Now, with thousands of death threats, Hughes lives in fear and his life is in ruins.

Innocent Texas Man Smeared without Vindication from Dallas Police Shooting

This story of the Dallas Police Shooting makes me sad and angry simultaneously.

Mark Hughes, a legal gun owner, carried his AR-15 rifle during the BLM protest in Dallas, Texas. In theory, he has that right in open carry Texas. His brother, Cory, is a leader in the movement. When a sniper began shooting and killing police, Cory wisely told his brother to give his gun to a policeman to avoid being mistaken for the sniper. Hughes did just that.

There were a few people carrying guns that day. But somehow Mark Hughes was the one whose picture was posted as the suspect in the Dallas Police shooting. “At a press conference broadcast live on Periscope after the shooting, Police Chief David Brown showed an image of Hughes and said, “Do not approach this suspect. We’ll bring him to justice.”

When he was aware of the mistake Hughes turned himself in and cooperated with police. He was released but it took 16 hours before police took his photo off the Internet as a suspect.

Yet police refuse to make a public statement clearing him the same way they promoted him as a criminal suspect. As a result, he is receiving death threats. His wife and children have had to flee their home. He cannot continue to run his business. The Dallas police have made him a target and have no interest in clearing his name.

I don’t believe in coincidence. Out of the 15 people on the scene carrying their guns it just so happens that the brother of one of BLM in leadership is targeted? Not a likely story. And if it was a genuine mistake the Dallas PD should be aggressively clearing his name with the same urgency they besmirched it.

Conversely, white men are allowed to parade around with their rifles and protest. No one bats an eye. White men like Cliven Bundy and his accomplices openly flout law enforcement, make threats, and even point their weapons at them. They are applauded as Patriots and heroes by conservatives. But let Black people exercise our rights and these same right wing, Teabaggers characterize us as law breakers and deserving of whatever treatment police give us.

Please don’t talk to me about the 2nd amendment. We see what happens when Black men are armed or unarmed. Stop lying about us all having the same rights. We don’t. There is no need to bemoan the fact we are not all singing kumbaya and holding hands. The reality is what it is because too many “good and decent Americans” don’t give a damn when we die or how.