Russia and The Gullible American Public

By | February 3, 2017


Americans fooled by political subterfuge on Russia

People consistently fail to utilize their critical thinking. I don’t care what Secretary Clinton or President Obama say. At this date, there’s no definitive proof that Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election by hacking emails.

According to the former Obama appointed FBI director James Comey,

As far as the WikiLeaks connection, the evidence there is not as strong and we don’t have good insight into the sequencing of the releases or when the data may have been provided. We don’t have as good insight into that.

In spite of this, clowns like Senator John McCain are making the rounds spinning the same fanciful tales as President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Russia is accused with flimsy evidence of influencing the election.

The irony of this is astounding. When America has a long sordid history, into the current day, of influencing or interfering with the elections and internal affairs of numerous countries. Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Cuba, and Haiti to list a few.

But we are supposed to cry because Russia did it here? No proof of that exists.

President Obama during his time in office has ratcheted up hostilities with Russia. It was President George H.W. Bush that promised Russia he would not expand NATO or send troops and missiles near the Russian border. President Clinton was the first to violate this agreement. President Obama has pushed things even further by openly antagonizing and insulting Vladimir Putin.

Clearly the corporate masters of the US Military Industrial Complex are keen to engage in a violent conflict with Russia. So they have given marching orders to their puppets, including the current president, to lay the rhetorical justification for their desired war.

People that are fairly intelligent are falling for this obvious lie. The meme below is funny and satirizes the dubious nature of the claim that Russia is to blame:


In conclusion: Enough is enough, people. We have yet to see any hard, indisputable proof to support this allegation.