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Truth has No Name; Truth has No Face

The truth can be nameless and faceless through social media Truth; The first obligation of journalism. The obligation to truth has been heavily neglected and discarded through the death of editorial independence, since corporate media’s primary goal appears to be the ‘bottom line’ and political access rather than presenting truthful reporting to the public. Disinformation brings profits and maintains the status quo. Platforms that empower the public to transcend mainstream… Read More »

Sabu Assists FBI in Hacker Arrests

Anonymous says movement will continue despite Sabu and FBI arrests Hector Xavier Monsegur, AKA Sabu, alleged mastermind of hacker group LulzSec, was secretly working for the FBI, from the summer of 2011 through the first quarter of 2012. It has been said that Sabu was arrested during the summer of 2011, in which he was charged with 12 criminal counts of conspiracy, facing a total of 124 years and 6… Read More »