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Baby Saved by Heroic Trio

Baby saved during jammed traffic on the Dolphin Expressway The Miami Herald reports an incident where a 5-month-old baby stopped breathing during standstill traffic, on the Dolphin Expressway in Miami, Florida. A woman by the name of Paula Rauseo, 37, was in standstill traffic on the Dolphin Expressway, when her 5-month-old nephew stopped breathing. In a panic, Rauseo ran from her car with her nephew in hand, screaming for help.… Read More »

Raising a Child in Today’s World

The fear of raising a child in today’s society In June of 2009, I was blessed to have a beautiful child; a baby girl came into my life. She is my first and only. She is my most precious gift and has truly made my life worth living. It is a feeling that you can never understand until you have your own, particularly when you’re there to witness their birth.… Read More »