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Why Blacks Should Vote Jill Stein for President

The question Blacks must ask themselves voting in 2016 Presidential Election It’s Election Day for 2016. I have to get this message out as expedient as I possibly can (particularly to Blacks) so please read and digest all that you can. Time’s running out so the importance that you read this is crucial. Here we go. Donald Trump runs on the Republican ticket and Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Democratic… Read More »

Don Lemon Gets ‘Fact-Check’ of Another Kind

Don Lemon gets a ‘fact check’ on his 5 solutions I just wanted to address CNN’s Don Lemon and his “5 ways to fix our community” segment. Don Lemon apparently thinks that fixing the result of a bigger problem in the black community will fix cultural problems that stem all the way back to slavery. I think that Mr. Lemon needs to dig a little deeper than that into the… Read More »

Black Public Figures Need to Stop Making Excuses

Black public figures need to stop making excuses for Obama’s failure to support the black community Here is the ‘Meet the Press’ clip of Tavis Smiley expressing his discontent with Obama’s speech on race, in regards to the black community: Not only do I agree with Tavis Smiley for the most part, but Charles Ogletree, a professor at Harvard law school, might consider refraining from, what many would call, the… Read More »