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World War 3 Around the Corner

Pending US military action in Syria to set the world on fire (World War 3) President Obama has announced that he intends on executing a military strike against Syria on Saturday. The strike is claimed to be in response to a nerve gas attack near Damascus that killed hundreds of children, and left up to a total of 1,300 people dead, where the Syrian government is alleged to have executed… Read More »

Criminalization; Form of Cultural Warfare

Criminalization is a tool of the oppressors To “criminalize,” according to the dictionary, means “to make illegal : outlaw; also : to turn into a criminal or treat as criminal — crim·i·nal·i·za·tion noun.”  Criminalization certainly goes much deeper than it’s basic definition; it goes to the heart of societies and what they stand for. A “Society,” on a macro-level, is shaped by its laws, and those who legislate, Judge, execute, and… Read More »

Black; More Than a Race in the US

“Black” not just a race in America The Black community; most often viewed as a racially-connected group by the dominant society. This label isn’t only superficial but also deeply inaccurate historically and ethnically. In all other racial groups in the U.S., the differences in ethnicity and nationality are widely recognized, whether they’re white, red, yellow, brown, or black; for example, people of German, Irish, and English descent are not just… Read More »

Chomsky: Interview About US Current Events

  A Firebrand Central interview with Noam Chomsky Below is the recording of my telephone interview with emeritus professor of MIT, world-renowned intellectual, and political dissident Noam Chomsky. This was my first interview for Firebrand Central and my first interview of a public figure of this magnitude. Needless to say but I was in awe and little nervous, to say the least. This interview was conducted on February 1st, 2013.… Read More »

Veterans: Fewest in Congress Since 1940s

US has fewest veterans in Congress since Second World War On Wednesday, November 21st, USA Today broke an article, written by Susan Davis, titled “Fewest vets in Congress since 1940s.” This article addresses the decline in military veterans serving in our U.S. Congress. This article was printed in the Thanksgiving special edition of USA Today. Here is the URL of the earlier, online version of the article: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2012/11/20/fewer-congress-vets/1716697/ According to… Read More »

Hurricane Katrina Revisited

Hurricane Katrina Revisited In August of 2005, the city of New Orleans in Louisiana not only faced one of the most devastating natural disasters in U.S. history, it also encountered social destruction that has changed New Orleans forever. Hurricane Katrina caused billions of dollars in damages and killed nearly two-thousand people. Many residents of New Orleans, particularly in the poorest and most vulnerable areas of the city, have been displaced… Read More »